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Bladder cancer

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Hi, Everyone...
I have an American staff. terrier who is 12 yrs old. I found out that my dog has been urinating with blood about 4 months ago. We did so many test including xray, blood test, urine bladder cancer test & everything comes out to be negative results. My first vet put her on some antibiotics for a month or so. But she still urinating blood -not so much compare to 4 months ago.. i decided to get a second opinion & friends were referring me to this Vet, Laurel Pet hospital in West Hollywood.

So now 4 months past, another Xray, urine bladder cancer test and this time we decided to do ultra sound at the new vet. All other test comes back negative again however we sees something on her bladder according to ultra sound. however, urine bladder cancer test keeps coming back negative. My new vet thinks that there is 10% chance & since she is an older dog, he recommended to put on her Royal Canin SO which is special diet for bladder and put on her strong antibiotics for a few months & run the test again. I personally agree with my new Vet. Since the blood doesn't seem to go away at this point, it is important to begin the treatment as a bladder cancer.

The truth is Thundra- my dog- doesn't urinating more or less. She eats normal, sleeps, plays as usual with tone of energy, I don't see any signs that she is in pain.
She still has so much energy for her dairy exercises etc...it is so hard for me to think that she might have a bladder cancer. i know it could be in early stage of cancer but my mom passed away from cancer. As soon as we found out that she has a cancer, it was instant and damage was done. she only survive for about 6 moths or so after her surgery. that was almost 20 years ago.

Thundra has been with me since she was 7 weeks old. since i'm an only child, she is my other half! i'm trying to think positive & keep my emotions in healthy place since dogs can sense the negative energy from us.
So please....Help me.. I would love to hear from you who went through similar cases. Please also let me know with your opinion on special diets for senior dog who has bladder infection possibly leading to a cancer.

Thank you very much! Hope to hear from you & let me know with your thoughts either way!!!!! Thanks again!
J.C. from Los Angeles, CA
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Sounds like your vet is handling it responsibly. I had a dog that had a liver problem that vet thought could have been liver cancer or some kind of infection. Due to her age/heart problem, blindness/deafness vet opted to treat like an infection, because if we biopsied it and found cancer, we weren't going to be able to do much anyway. So we treated for infection and she turned around. So your vet has the right idea. (I also like that he is reccomending Royal Canin rather than Hills.)

Good luck w/your dog and keep us updated.
Really? all the testes came back negative? Your post really interested me for i am having the same problems with my 7yr old corgi. And all his tests came back negative and his x rays didnt show anything. He still continues to urinate blood and a second oppinion for us sounds like the better way to go. The vet did perscrib us antiboitics,steroid, and a new diet of dog food that would be easy on his bladder and kidneys. Our vet has no idea what is causing this and suggest like u to see a specilist. The diet and meds seemed to help alot,though when we started the second week of treatment with a lower dosage he continued to urinate blood.
My husband and i found a herbal treament that is said to help with liver/kindey and bladder problems. We have orderd it. and will let u know more about the medicine. but here is the link. And good luck.
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I will deft. check out the link that you sent me and thank you for that!

The thing with my case is that, she has a tumor from her ultra sound but we don't know if it is cancer until we open up & going in for a surgery. Even though my dog is in great shape for her age and very healthy other than blood in her urine, i don't think that going in a surgery & removing the tumor that we don't know isn't such a good idea at this point. if she is in a lot of pain down the road, perhaps, something i need to react quickly ...
yes,, deft. something i need to think about....but i want to start with antibiotics.

Oh, BTW does your dog seem to be in pain when he pees???? how are things with him as far as his eating habbit, sleeping? play normal? etc

I'm picking up special antibiotic next week, and my vet thinks that it is best for this case, my vet had something very similar case with other older male dog previously who was around 10 years old. i will give you heads up with name of the antibiotic so that perhaps you could mention to your vet??? :)

i think getting a second opinion is most important to your case since my first vet didn't know what to do either. Her solution was putting on her same antibiotics with stronger dosages. At that point, i was like..what?? i don't have time for this non sense and she was more interested in taking my money from ultra sound.
My new vet is lil pricy but every they seemed to handle a lot better. my new vet is amazing. i'm really glad that i switch my vet. hopefully, she will get through this hard antibiotics and get better.
I will talk to you soon & give you more update on Thundra. lets keep in touch. Give a big hug for Corgi for me!!!!!
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As For my corgi, no he dosent seem to be in pain while urinating. He plays fine and normal as far as his eating habbits i have noticed a little change there. He use to love icecubes now he hasnt had any interest in them and will not touch them. While eating his normal meals at meal time he just seems alittle more moody as far as "feed me sooner", which i have not ga ve in to changing his time of meals. The thing with my corgi, Titus, he has never overdrank, he maily drinks when he thinks hes thirsty. And i havent seen any change in that.
*he liked the hug* lol
We just now got the first bottel of herbal meds which we decided to start him on the immunity and liver support first. and next month we will get the uti free. And i will keep us all updated.
Hi Happy Easter!
So just wanted to give you a update on thundra's medicine that i picked out. Trimethoprim Sulfamethoxazole 480mg Piroxicam 10mg which it is believed that this effect relates to immune system related effects rather than direct action against the tumor cells. And she got some famotidine = Pepcid AC for dogs. She might have upset stomach since from all these medications that she is going to be on for over months.
I should be picking it up another medication this week & take it all together along with 2 others. So far Thundra is doing really well. So proud of her! Although i do not want to speak too soon. My B.f & I walked 3 miles with her this morning. She usually walks 20-30 min. walk everyday, however i want to start walk her lil longer, feed her more food so that she can keep up with her medicines & fight with her infection-or tumor. I need to do some more research on what kind of human food that it would might help her through this stage. I usually give her grape seeds oil, Olive oil, brown rise, vege's, some meats as well as with her dog food. And she seems to love it!

Have you consider taking Corgi to Ultra sound test? perhaps to different Vet??

Talk to you Soon.
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This is just a side note...my dog Stella has had crystals with a UTI (nothing so far as bad as bladder cancer..Thank God...). My vet put her on an antibiotic and recommended Royal Canin SO. I really didn't want to feed it tho'. So I did some research. I decided to feed Eagle Pack Holistic Select Anchovy dry mixed with EPHS can chicken and water. This food is touted to be good for urinary health. She also gets Solid Gold Berry Balance supplement along with Solid Gold Seameal enzymes and Ark Naturals Gentle Digest probiotics. I test her urine PH all the time, too, and so far she is fine. I am also going to rotate the Eagle Pack Holistic Select with a food called Flint River Ranch. It can only be ordered online and is formulated for urinary health. It is an ovenbaked nutrient rich food that comes in a trout formula and a lamb & rice formula. They have biscuits, too, but no can food. So I will still use the EPHS can food. These foods seem to be an okay alternative to home cooking for urinary health.
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Hi there
Thank you so much for your email about the food notions. How funny to hear that you did not like the Royal Canin SO?... I was very disappointed that it mainly made with Rice & Corn with chicken fat-this was exactly 1st, 2nd 3rd ingredients. :0(
Coming from feeding my dog very high quality food -Innova brand for senior switching to rice & corn didn't seem right to me... however, my b.f thinks that, if my vet mentioned it he thinks i should follow it.. however, i only picked out a small bag and i'm not continue to be on Royal Canin SO after i finish them. I don't want to feed my dog corn with chicken fat junk stuff....

Thank you again, I will look for those food brand that you did mention to me.

Happy Easter & please give a hug to Stella for me!!! Very glad to hear that Stella is well! :)
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Thanks, Happy Easter to you and your family, too! I did buy a small bag of the Royal Canin SO. I am keeping it on hand, just in case. I trust my vet, but I feel the SO is just not a great food. But, if I find what I am doing is not helping Stella, then I will use the SO. BTW, the Flint River Ranch website I like to use is the following: www.aplus-flint-river-ranch.com. They have alot of distributors with various websites. At first, I ordered samples of the Lamb & rice and the trout foods. All my dogs liked the food, so I ordered some to rotate with. Go on their website to read all about urinary health and their food. Also, EPHS website www.eaglepack.com has some info. on urinary health and which formulas are good for it. Just remember, for Eagle Pack, use only the Holistic Select formulas because they don't use corn like the regular Eagle Pack. I hope everything goes well for you and your dog. God Bless!
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He has had a bladder ultra sound done and the current vet said his kidneys and bladder look to be in great condition. Though he is going to see a new vet on friday to get a second opion. Wish me luck
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