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Black/Extremely Dry Skin

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I just adopted a Jug about 2 weeks ago. He has EXTREMELY bad allergies. I have pin pointed acorn/wheat food allergy, but I think he has seasonal allergies too. I have changed his food to wheat/corn free. His stoles are no longer loose! I can't believe we made this much progress in such a short period of time, but we still have a long way to go!

PJ has extremely dry skin on his belly, arms, legs, face, ears, and paws. He has black skin under his arms/legs and on his genitals. He is on allergy meds, fish oil, multivitamin, and an antibiotic. Also, I rub vitamin e and coconut oil on his skin. I have seen SOME improvements, but he still itches himself. I have been home with him most of the time since we adopted him, but I'm scared he is going to itch himself raw again. How do I get rid of the black skin? I hate seeing him suffering.
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Have you tried Benadryl for the seasonal allergies? Maddie is also allergic to seemingly everything, and it helps some. The dose is 1 mg/pound of dog's weight, and my vet said I can give it 2-3 times daily. Wally World has a generic that's only $4 for 100 tablets.
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