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Black/Extremely Dry Skin

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I just adopted a Jug about 2 weeks ago. He has EXTREMELY bad allergies. I have pin pointed acorn/wheat food allergy, but I think he has seasonal allergies too. I have changed his food to wheat/corn free. His stoles are no longer loose! I can't believe we made this much progress in such a short period of time, but we still have a long way to go!

PJ has extremely dry skin on his belly, arms, legs, face, ears, and paws. He has black skin under his arms/legs and on his genitals. He is on allergy meds, fish oil, multivitamin, and an antibiotic. Also, I rub vitamin e and coconut oil on his skin. I have seen SOME improvements, but he still itches himself. I have been home with him most of the time since we adopted him, but I'm scared he is going to itch himself raw again. How do I get rid of the black skin? I hate seeing him suffering.
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Buy some Microtek Anti itch shampoo. (You can get it online). Bathe him every 4 days with it to start, for 2 weeks. Dry dog thoroughly. Then bathe weekly for 3 weeks. Then every 2 weeks for a month. Then monthly. be aware that some dogs do have black skin, as part of their coloring. But the Microtek will get rid of any skin issues.

Search this forum for "Black Chow losing hair, skin issues". He did the above, and it solved it even after many vets were unable to solve it.
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