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Bizarre symptoms and probiotic recommendations?

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Well, Casey went in to the E-Vet this morning because we woke up to find her right eye completely swollen shut with edema. No blood, no puss, no excess tears or anything. Further examination of her found that she had pinkish red spots speckling her skin where it is visble on her belly and in her armpits. After that, my fiance took her in as I had to get ready for work.

Here's the most recent things I can think of:

About two weeks ago she got her second tick of the season. Fiance forgot to do a tick check after visiting a forested dog park, so this tick was on her right cheek for about 48 hours...plenty of time to transmit something if there was anything to transmit. We live in Oregon, so tick-borne diseases are relatively rare. Shortly after the tick happened she got super stinky breath, which in general is not good.

Called the Holistic Vet (her regular vet). He agreed that Doxycycline would be a harsh treatment conclusion to jump to, so we decided on Oli-Vet (Olive Leaf capsules) to help her immune system kick any little buggies. The Oli-Vet was first administered yesterday around noon, and her evening dose was forgotten due to the fiance putting the pills where I couldn't see them.

The E-Vet this morning jumped to the conclusion that Casey was having an allergic reaction to the Oli-Vet. They decided initially on injected antibiotics and antihistamines, and to leave it at that. Called the Hollistic Vet and they have never heard of a dog reacting to Oli-Vet...when this info was passed on to the E-Vet, they then decided that maybe a round of Doxycycline would be a good idea. I'm totally appalled at the way they approached this.

They even tried to push abdominal x-rays because Casey is "skinny" and it "could be her liver or kidneys". I switched her food last week (we switch often and she is okay with it), but we had not fully adjusted to the new calorie content and makeup of the food. She is super sensitive to protein levels and adjusts her metabolism quickly based on them, but she is also sensitive to being fed too much food as well.

Anyways, they did some bloodwork and a U/A...for what, I'm unsure... and we will hear back about that on Sunday.

Now that she is on antibiotics I'm concerned about her intestinal flora since she is GI sensitive already. What kinds of probiotics do you guys recommend, besides plain yogurt?
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I love Ark Naturals Gentle Digest probiotics. I buy mine from a local health food store and I order it online from www.onlynaturalpet.com. Another great thing to add is Solid Gold Seameal (this contains prozyme, an enzyme supplement), but this is not necessary.
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