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bizarre behaviour, how to properly train for it?

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We just brought a new 8 week old puppy home this afternoon. For some odd reason everytime someone walks into my daughter's room (incl. my daughter) puppy stands at the doorway of the room and barks a really loud high pitched bark. He does not go in. He does not do this about any other room in the house.

Older pup mainly has potty accidents in this room, and the cat mostly sleeps there but he ignores the cat so it is not it's presence in the room. If the person who walked in leaves the room he stops barking.

Obviously this is an annoying behaviour to be addressed. Our other puppy only barks if someone is going past and stops almost right away, she keeps growling until the person is gone but not barking. This sort of barking I am extremely pleased with and would be fine with him doing this.

I can't have him barking like crazy everytime someone goes into that bedroom though, my daughter likes to hang out in there, and of course sleeps in there. How do you appropriately train your puppy not to bark about 1 particular room in the house?
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I have a friend with a Lab that has a complete aversion to ONE bedroom in his house. It's the computer room, so when we're hanging out a good amount of us will be in THAT room and the dog will stand outside the door and cry/bark. He said he's done it the entire time they've lived in that house, even though his other dog (and the dog's sister) will walk in and out of the room without issue.

I just had him apply crate training to the one particular one. Teaching the dog the room was a fun and AWESOME place he WANTED to go into. Lots of treat luring, praise, etc. if the dog would even LOOK into the room without barking.
I wouldn't read too much into any behaviors of a dog you've had home for less than a day. My dog was totally different a week after we brought him home, and has continued to change steadily (in good ways) since then. Let the dog settle in a while before you decide what you have to train for.
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