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I have a 5 month old Shepherd/Samoyed cross he is a great puppy except when he gets excited then he barks and lunges, bites and nips. We have only had him for a month now and have recently started puppy training. I have read so many things online and tried the tips our trainer has given about how to stop this and nothing I have done seems to work. Anybody out there can give me more ideas on what to do. At the moment the only thing I can do is put him in his kennel for a few minutes. He does seem to be spending a lot of time in there and I know its not fair but am desperate. :(
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I assume you've tried the standard exaggerated cry of pain when bit or nipped? If that isn't working I would try immediately slapping a muzzle on him then into the kennel for one or two minutes of 'no play' time. That is all the time it will take to make your point then repeat as necessary.

Remember he's a puppy and perseverence is necessary. A lengthy stay in the kennel does not teach anything - its the repetition.
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