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About two weeks ago I noticed that Ozzie had what looked like two small bites and a scratch on the side of his muzzle. I thought he might have gotten them from running in the woods. There was a little bit of generalized swelling but no oozing or signs of infection. Then two days later it looked like he had another small singular bite. Again, it was swollen but same signs. He then lost his hair around the area (about .5in). The skin is not red and no longer swollen.

It remained this way for about a week. Then last night (again after being off leash in the woods) he had another bite. This time it had much more pronouned swelling but again no infection. By this morning his hair was gone around the area. Now the bald area is covering about an inch of his face.

I began to suspect demodex but the onset is not consistent (in my knowledge). I am leaning more towards an allergic reaction to bug bites? However, I am not medically trained and really would like to hear if anyone has had similar experiences?

(Ozzie is a 3 y/o NM Bloodhound/Shar-pei X. He has had demodex before (about 2.5 years ago) but no other skin issues or known allergies)
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