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Biking Your Dog

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Who does it? My GSP is still not quite a year old, and has bounds of energy. Walking him does nothing, and I understand and accept that. He likes to run off leash at the soccer fields near my house. Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone bikes with their dogs? I know there are some products out there like the walkydog, and the springer, that seem to be beneficial for the dog's safety.

I haven't started biking with my GSP or anything. It simply occured to me as a good way to give him the exercise he wants and needs, but before I tried I wanted to know how to do it the safest way? Or should I not at all? Tips? Thanks!
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We do this constantly with our dogs, a catahoula x and a ACD x and it works wonderfully.

I started with the catahoula (Sydney) because she's very high energy. Wiped out the first try... she saw a cat lol. After that I started again, slow, basically walking the bike with her on the right side. After a few accidental run ins with the bike tire when she ran in front, she will no longer go in front of the bike. Normally I keep one hand always on the bike and the other with the leash hooked on my thumb and fingers on the bike. We ride in low traffic areas with speed limits of 10 mph and if she really decided to bolt the leash would come off my thumb and i would hopefully stay upright. When I fell the bike landed slightly on Sydney and took a little skin off her back leg, so I didn't want that happening again.

With the ACD x she wears a harness because for some reason she will not listen if she's leashed on a collar, and that meant a little adjustment with the riding style, but she picked it up very quickly. Now the SO and I can have a nice ride around the neighborhood or ride over to the abandoned development down the road and run till the girls are tired.

Now a days if the SO is busy and can't some, I can take both dogs with me and have no problems! Just start slow in low traffic areas and it will soon become a wonderful way to spend some energy!!

*Hint: Always wear pants and sneakers in the beginning because you will probably fall and it hurts much less if you're covered!! Also, if you plan on going very far take water for the pups. Running at the faster pace of the bike makes for thirsty dogs.
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