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So after reading Mudra and Hallie’s threads a little while back, I decided to give biking with Jake another try. We’d done a bit of it last summer, but hadn’t had the opportunity to do much of it because of travel. I put him on his 4’ leash, put on my snowmachine helmet(lol) and prayed he wouldn’t pull me over or something.

Well, it was GREAT. He ran right by the bike, and only tried to cross in front of it a few times at first. He really seemed to enjoy it, and I’m thinking this would be a great way to wear him out in the summer :D He picked up on the Stop command really quick as well, so I’ll start working on left and right also- I had been just stopping and turning the bike around that way, putting him back in place and going again. We didn’t go very far when I took him out yesterday, just up and down the street.

I was thinking of getting one of those Springer bike attachments. Does anyone here have experience with them? I’ve read about them and watched videos on YouTube, so I’m pretty convinced it’d be a worthwhile purchase, I’m just wondering if anyone else has some suggestions.

Would have taken pictures, but although I could ride one handed I didn’t want to push my luck with the leash in the other hand…lol!

I wasn't sure if this belonged here, or in General.
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