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Biking home from the park

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Usually I hold Kaytu back a little so Nali is more in front (as in the pic), but Kaytu pulled ahead for the vid as she's naturally faster. My brake hand is also my camera hand. Left hand is holding Nali's leash. I need one of those helmet cams. Or dogs that run at the same pace! Nali doesn't pull which is why she's on the flexilead, keeps her from getting tangled or running over the line.

This is after a 1.5 mile ride and 2 hours at the park on a hot afternoon so they aren't as fast as usual- gave me a chance to let go of the brake and record a little.

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Get a GorillaPod! You can mount your camera on your handlebars or even on a belt around your waist and it's much, much cheaper than a GoPro.

Can I ask, do you have a preference between the two different styles of harness? I get the sense sometimes that Squash is not very comfortable pulling with the x-back because of the angle from the harness to the scooter, and I've been toying with the idea of trying out an "urban mushing" harness similar to the one Denali is wearing. Your thoughts?
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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