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Big Red Dog !

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George is now 15 months old and seems to be filling out nicely... This dog is such a camera ham.. He will pose all day as long as he's getting attention, we can dress him up and do whatver we want with him.... Such a good dog !

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I think ive told you before Nitrojedi but George has to be one of the best looking DDB ive ever seen.
I like the way he isnt overset and luggy but 100% pure muscle tone,i can see him being a real champion looking DDB when he is say 2,2 and a half years old. ;)

His eyes are awesome too,they really stare out at you!!
Hey Nitro,go look at the "EM body shot thread,i gotta pic of my boy looks quite similar to this picture!

While your at it why dont u post george in there;)
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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