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Bichon frise, maltese, or pug?

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I am going to start high school next year and am thinking about getting a dog. I live in a house with a medium sized backyard, and have no experience owning a dog. I am looking for a low maintenence, calm and affectionate lap dog. The dog will need to be left alone for about six hours a day. I have done some research and am thinking about a bichon frise, maltese, or a pug. Can you please give me some insight on which dog will fit my needs the best?
Thank you:)
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If you are looking for low maintenance I would not choose a bichon or maltese. They both have high maintenance coats and are prone to skin issues. They are both expensive to have professionally groomed every 4-6 weeks. The pug is lower maintenance, but depending on your climate may be prone to breathing issues. If you like these breeds you might want to visit a shelter and see if they have any adult dogs for adoption. If money is no object, then by all means find yourself a really good breeder. They will often sell dogs that do not fit their breeding program or are not quite show quality.
Your life will change many times over during the 15 year life of a dog you acquire now. As you move into a very active lifestyle in your 20's you will have an aging dog that may require a good deal of special care.
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