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Bichon frise, maltese, or pug?

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I am going to start high school next year and am thinking about getting a dog. I live in a house with a medium sized backyard, and have no experience owning a dog. I am looking for a low maintenence, calm and affectionate lap dog. The dog will need to be left alone for about six hours a day. I have done some research and am thinking about a bichon frise, maltese, or a pug. Can you please give me some insight on which dog will fit my needs the best?
Thank you:)
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Well, one important questions is how much grooming do you (realistically) want to do?

Bichons need pretty much daily brushing and combing, as well regular clipping and/or scissoring to maintain their coat.

Maltese don't require as much grooming, but still need a thorough brushing and combing at least once a week.

Keeping a Bichon or Maltese clipped really short can help cut down on the amount of daily grooming, but will still require regular upkeep. Purchasing clippers and learning to do the grooming yourself will be a few hundred dollars up front expense, while professional grooming can be upwards of $100 every six to eight weeks.

In terms of brushing and combing, Pugs require the least amount of effort, but their face wrinkles require regular cleaning, and in general health issues, they are prone to elongated soft palates which can cause breathing problems.
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