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For any of those in Indiana or located near Wolf Park, there will be a seminar on dog and wolf training by Beth Duman. Beth is both a wolf specialist and dog trainer who has been doing wolf education since 1972, in which time she has lectured to over 1,000 groups in various seminars around the country.

Beth is also a core staff trainer for Dog Scouts of America and is on the advisory board for the Companion Animal Sciences Institute.

The 3-day seminar will include the trainability of dogs vs. wolves, reward-based training methods that can be used for dogs and wolves, problem behaviors to watch out for in puppy rearing, hands-on interaction with the wolves of Wolf Park, hands-on experience with dogs brought in by the staff (please do not bring your own), and a whole slew of other activities that can be referenced here.

For any additional information about the seminar please post questions here or go to the education section of the Wolf Park website.
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