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Hey guys.. so I have a dog that is primarily an outside dog.. she sort of came with The property when we got it. She's an older dog and has always been outside. We attempted to bring her inside but she just is not an inside dog. We tried caring her inside at night but she will poop and pee everywhere possibly from stress? And she howls only when inside. I know people are going to ask why we are keeping her outside so I just wanted to get that out of the way.
As of right now she just sort of roams around and has become somewhat of a nuisance to neighbors. Mind you, we live in the deep country so our neighbors are not close at all. We've had neighbors bring her back multiple times since we've been here. We have horses, chickens, pigs so I'm outside a lot of the time and when any of us are out there she is nearby. The problem occurs when we either leave or usually she does her roaming at night.
I like her and she has become a really good friend. She is great with the kids and loves the horses. So I want to keep her around and safe from either getting hurt on the main road or being shot by someone. I was thinking of buying a large kennel but I've seen her jump a fence and I know how destructive she can be. Ive also thought about tying her up at night with a long leash/chain which I think would give her a little more freedom and sense of "openness" (If thats even a thing lol). She has a rather large insulated dog house that we built for her and she really likes it since it's been a little cooler. What do you guys think? Any other suggestions?
Btw her name is Rocky. We have no idea what type of dog she is. She is a country dog so there is probably some hound in there lol
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