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Hi All DogForum Members, finally, a brief overview of our manufacturing process which outlines why HiPet is the best mushroom beta glucan supplements for your dog with our patented technology.

Step 1. Establish & Maintain the Medicinal Mushroom Cultures

The first step to manufacture our HiPet 3-in-1 Formula For Dogs supplement is to successfully establish a medicinal mushroom culture inventory. Since 1982, our dedicated research staff has collected and maintained over 200 species of mushrooms species in our facilities for extraction. Unlike most commercially available mushroom products that excel in pulverized mushroom powders, our research efforts have focused on discovering a unique beta glucan formulation that combines the efficacy from different mushroom extracts.

Step 2. Culturing Different Mushroom Species Using Patented “AMFM” Procedure

With rigorous elimination procedures using techniques such as GC-MS and in-vitro phagocytosis evaluation, 5 selected mushroom species are planted into individual flask using organic culture mediums to allow maximum growth. This process is developed to ensure that the mushrooms are 100% natural without exposure to potential environmental pollutants such as heavy metals or biologic pathogens. This procedure also prepares the best quality mushrooms for extraction.

Step 3. Patented Extraction and Purification Process

When the mushrooms are ready to be harvested, they go through a delicate extraction and purification procedure to break 99% of the mushroom cell bodies and eliminate impurities such as fibers, yielding pure beta glucan formulation.

Step 4. Final Product: Pure, Potent Mushroom Beta Glucan Extracts

Unlike most commercially available mushroom products that brand their products using pulverized mushroom powders, our product only utilize mushroom extracts which excels superior quality and efficacy

Thats it for now:wave: please feel free to bark away with any questions:)
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