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Best Dog Clipper For Labradoodles

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Hello, I am getting a labradoodle in 4 weeks. I am going to try and learn how to groom her on my own. I want to know if anyone has opinions on the best affordable dog clippers for labradoodles. I want to do full body grooming and not just touch ups. I have seen that Wahl is a great brand, but I don’t know which ones to get. I have seen the more expensive professional ones by Wahl and the clippers made for home use. Any suggestions on clippers by Wahl or other good brands that are good and somewhat affordable?
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I don't clipper, I strip hair, but something I wish I had years ago for my other pups is a stripping knife. I use the Mars stripping knives. I actually don't use the knives to strip hair, just my fingers, but I use them to card. Which means basically just comb the jacket with the knife. Hold blade as flat to skin as possible and comb through. It gets all the dull dead hair out like magic and doesn't cut the wire coat. I card almost everyday.

And my pup loves it!

But I also recommend a good comb and brush, keep up with it. I wish I knew this a long time ago because it really helps keep the coat knot free (free of tangles). I also card the furnishings, but scissor them to cut. It keeps their coat free of tangles and the jacket hair lies flatter.

If your pup has thicker poodle hair, a wide tooth knife is probably best.
I use the knife on the furnishings intermittently, and also a comb with rotating teeth so it doesn't pull as much. But a quick brush is a daily thing. I usually comb his furnishings quickly before we go out for a walk, he is much more tolerant if he gets his walk after.
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