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Best Comb Ever

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OK, the pro groomers will probably tell me there are better combs out there, but I’m so absolutely thrilled with the new one I got. The brand is American Dog.

Here’s the background. The last time I took Cupid to be groomed, I was told that he had a tough time because his legs were matted. So I stepped up the brushing to six days a week and used a comb on his legs. Because his hair is so thick, though, and the comb so small, it was challenging, to say the least. I did my best to comb him out, but I could tell that the comb was pulling a bit too much, and I worried that I wasn’t getting all of his hair combed.

I was out shopping and decided to try a comb with pins that were spaced a little further apart. They also rotated and were nearly twice as long. I took it home, hoping it would be a little better. I ran the comb over his legs and it slid right through his hair. It was so nice! The comb went through smoothly in most sections, and working through the problem areas was much easier. Even better, I no longer felt like I was hurting him during the process. (I tried not to, but the other comb I had just wasn’t good.) I think I might even get him to enjoy being brushed a bit more.

I can’t tell you how happy I was with the improvement. Best $4.99 I’ve spent in a long time.
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Can I ask you where you bought it? On line or pet super store? Sounds like something I can use. My dogs coat similar to yours.
I got it at Walmart, which is not where I was expecting to find a great comb. But I still really like it!
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