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Best Breed symptoms.

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Every person has its own choice but my suggestion is.

1.The breeder will give you info on mom and dad and also provide you info on the sire (dad) upon request. Those who claim the 'sire's owner does not like contact are hiding something.

2. The mom of the pups should be 'on site' at the breeder and not off at a 'dog show, vet appointment' etc.

3. The breeder will offer you references to check out about her dogs.

4. They will breed a female (bitch or Dam) no more than 4 times. Many have a life limit of 3.

5.The breeder does not require you to 'book an appointment' to come to see the pups or the property. Those who do are putting up a red flag. These breeders have something to hide and in all probability will make a mad rush to 'clean the kennels etc' just before you come.
6. The breeder does not believe in breeding a dog less than 18 months old and no older than 7 yrs old.

7. A good breeder sticks too one breed specific for breeding. I have known many who OWN two different breeds but are not breeding both.

8. They discuss the various health issues specific to the breed. They will also give you an update on the health line of the pup that you are interested in. always ask if the breeder has tested the line for genetically transferable diseases. Such as vWD (von Wilebrand disease)

9. They will requre that you sign a contract 'stating that you will not breed without their knowledge and or consent. The contract should have a clause in it stating that they will gurantee the health of the pup for a specific time (things like hip dysplasia, bleeding disorders, elbow disorders etc) They will also request in the contract that you bring the pup back to them if you can no longer keep it.

10. A TRUE breeder that has nothing to hide will never request that you bring the dam (female) to their premises 3 wks before birth, to the time the pups have been weaned. In all probability they are doing this because they know of a health issue that could jeapordize mom and dont want you knowing.

11. The pups will not be released until they are a minimum of 12 wks.

13. Most breeders will give you a gift certificate to help off set the first puppy check up.

14. All breeders that i know pay for the pups first shots and deworming BEFORE the pup leave them.

16. The breeder will show you other dogs on the premises and all should appear healthy, well groomed and well socialized.

17. Good breeders will NEVER sell their pups through a pet store.

18. Never purchase a pup from a breeder who request more money to register the pup under your name.

19. A good breeder has photo albums full of all of the litters that they have had.

If you see any of the following signs at the potential breeders RUN!
They wont allow you to see the pups parents or other siblings.
They wont allow you to see the breeding facility and will offer to bring the pups to your home for you to see.
they do not have the registration papers for the new pups.
They do not have nor do they offer to you the chance to see the pedigree on the parents.
None of the pups are guaranteed
None have been checked for genetic diseases.
None of the dogs have been OFA'd
None of the dogs have been certified
They do not want you returning the pup if something goes wrong and will usually state 'once you leave its your problem'
He breeds all types of breeds fo dogs and some you cant recognize, ex: cockapoo, etc
They have not have the pups health checked once since birth
They will refuse to give you their vets name and address
They do not demand spaying or neutering of 'companion' dogs.
There have been no mandatory vacinations performed or no mandatory deworming
Breeding soley for 'pet or breed' quality is not always the best for the breed. Some will breed a specific breed (german shepherd) for size and try to breed a larger dog. This raises the chances of hip and other problems.
Does not have any veterinary records on any of the dogs at tehir facility (adult or otherwise)
Does not show records of pervious titles with dogs. Does not offer references from anyone who has purchased before you
Does not question you about the enviroment the pup will be going too.
Advertises 'rare colors, sizes, etc especially in breeds like German shepherd, dobie, rotties or advertises 'King size' German shepherd, great dane etc
Advertises the pups for greatly reduced prices ex: $50. instead of $1500.
Breeds before age 2
Sells to petshops, in flea markets etc
Requires cash payment rather than checks etc.
beware of breeders that have ATMS or Interact machines on premises

Sorry the list is so long but i have seen far too many people try to pass themselves off as breeders. When we bring a dog into our family we are making a serious commitment and we dont want to loose the pup nor do we want to end up in court fighting 'new pup lemon laws'
I also show you up growing tweet.https://twitter.com/BadarJu78060049/status/1364545611152773123
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Nice. Most of this was copied and pasted from a 14 year old thread on this very forum. We'll never know what game you're playing here.
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