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Berney's haircut before and after pictures.

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Today my mini schnauzer Berney got a hair cut. Here are some before pictures.

- *Before* He was playing in the backyard with Sam.
- *Before* He was chilaxin' on the wooden toy in the backyard.
- A before close up pic on his face.
- A before when he is on the wooden toy.

After pics in the next post!!!!
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The poor thing was so hot in the summer so then came........

the magnificant AFTER

I am so happy my Berney won't half sufficate himself trying to play outside, wooo it's ho-ot!
Tomarow I wake up at 5 am wash Berney (he'll be SOOO easy to watch this time, because his normal wake up time is 8 am.) Then I will drop him off at the vet's office, he is getting neutered his appoitment is at 6 am. Then, I pick him up at 3 pm in between then I am going buy him some gifts, for his surgery. Poor thing. Then all's well!! ;)
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Looks like he'll be much cooler for summer. Cute!
Looks like he'll be much cooler for summer. Cute!
Yeah, he doesn't pant like he's dieing every momment he isn't in front of a fan or air conditioner! ;) :)
Well there you are Berney! He looks quite happy with his new do. :) He is wicked cute! :D

I love your little pack of dachsunds - my in-laws have 3 - they are a rip!!
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