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Bentley and his hot pink frisbee

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For it only being his third time actually trying to make him catch the dang thing he did pretty good.

caught the tip of it


Thank you, very much

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haha. i like the pic of his mouth half open, about the eat the frisbee, mid air. very cute
I think he's doing quite well. Of course, I can't catch a frisbee with my hands, let alone my mouth.
I have a hard time catching them too but thankfully I can through them pretty good :D
I like his frisbee! He will get the hang of it! He is at least trying ... is more than I can say for 2 of my dogs ... they run from it! Lol! :)
I forgot to add this one. It was towards the end of play time and he just let the Frisbee fly past him.

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