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Belly Rash w/ Blackening Skin

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My 1 year old pit (who I've had for about 5 months) has a belly rash that she's had since I got her. It's comes and goes randomly, within a couple hours it'll appear or dissappear. Sometimes she wakes up with it & by the middle of the day it's gone and some mornings it's not there then 2 hours later it is. Sometimes it's really subtle and sometimes it's REALLY red and irritated. She doesn't scratch or lick it and doesn't have fleas. But now she ALSO has darkening skin around the rash. I have NO clues as to what it is or why it's there?? She eats salmon food and about half of her meals have salmon oil added to them too. (I've also tried other foods) If anyone has any ideas as to what this rash is or why it might be there PLEASE share them
Thank You!
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