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Good day to you.
I have an 8 Year old Snorkie Poodle. (Miniature Schnauzer/Yorkshire Poodle).

In January this year, she had an emergency spay for pyrometra, She recovered well from this.
Then a month later, she got terribly ill, She was projectile vomiting, and her stools looked like sausages covered in slime, funny color of gray/brown/yellow :sea sand". Then I also noticed that she had fatty lumps on her chest and next to her incision for the spay.
She was rushed to the vet and I was told that she could not pass urine nor stools. An operation was done to remove the lump. It was then found that she had fat around her heart, which was then removed, I was told that she has Hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol). I then changed her food to 3% wet dog food. Believing that this was right (the internet said that 3% fat is low fat wet dog food! After feeding her this food for a week or two, she got terribly ill!She almost did not survive. She was in extreme pain/discomfort. Unable to pass stools. Refused to drink water and when I forced her to drink water, she snapped at me. (She is 8 years old, and in all her life, she has never done this to me. Twice, she did this to a neighbour. Once when she was diagnosed with Pyrometra, again when she had the emergency hospitalization for her hyperlipidemia.) She climbed off the bed and then collapsed onto the floor. She walked in circles, bumbing her head into the wall. She looked dazed and was "deathly" cold. I took her to the vet the next day. The vet said that they will try and help, but do not hold out much hope. She was almost "put down"! The vet gave her three injections. Told me to feed her Hills I/D Low Fat. I got this food, and made a soup out of the pellets. she drank this with no problem. (I gave her a tablespoon of this soup every 2 hours.) The next day, she changed. She was more alert and energetic. the only problem was she could pass stools. The last stool was on Thursday, a "small pellet", after we came home from the vet. This was the 8 April 2022 when I started this food.

The same vet saw Bella a week later. Bella was "fine." I took Bella back to the same vet 6 May 2022.

The vet could not BELIEVE BELLA IS BELLA> Her reaction was:"WOW!"

What was wrong with Bella: Partially blind. Fatty lumps. Lethargic. Not drinking water. "Deathly" cold all the time, Hair loss ( Bella's hair was long, straight, silky, soft, black, hair. from 6 years ago caused by Revolution tick and flea treatment, stomach ailments, bloated. General ill health!!

Now. Since I am feeding Bella Hills I/D Low Fat:

Her energy has improved!!!! Alert!!! Sometimes she gallops and plays with me, is back to her lovng self, her hair is thick and soft, her tail hair is growing (finely after being a "rat's Tail" for 6 years!), Drinking water is normal, eating the dry pellets (Miracle), eyes are healthy, fatty lump around stitch has dissolved, passes urine +- 5 times a day, usually passes firm, brown, small stools once a day (seldom once every other day)! (Throat problem that was caused by my life partner's illness which killed him, (her tried to strangle us), has 99.99% healed!

I truly believe that this is a miracle by God our Lord. The food is amazing!!

My question is what else can I do: Walks every day. Fresh water every day. Food everyday. Brush everyday. Bath every month. Advantix flea and tick treatment every month. Deworm every four months. Vaccinate every year. Check ups at vet every month. Sleeps with me. Spend as much time as I can with her. I am disabled. She has all my love.

Please advise!
God bless.
Cindy (Bella)
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