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Bella & I are going back to school!

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Yay! I’ve been wanting to get back to professional training with Bella for a few years. But something financial always ended up pulling the plug.

She is for the most part a VERY good dog (…of course as I’m typing this she is trying to shake the stuffing out of my pillow). But, she does have some aggression issues towards other dogs….but only when she is with me. They absolutely LOVE her at daycare…they would let me know immediately if she was aggressive towards the other dogs.

Bella is a pretty sensitive dog, but she is also very manipulative. Sometimes I think she pretends to be sensitive in the hopes that I won’t make her do something….like letting me trim her nails.

I’d also like to finally get rid of that horrible prong collar!

So, I’m going back for training…Bella will just be along for the ride I’m sure

This person sounds very competent – says he uses only positive reinforcement. We go in for consultation March 1st.

Anything I should be aware of/look for during our consultation? I’m sure I’d pick up on a bad match...but everyone loves Bella, and Bella loves most everyone (except me - LOL).

I (we) can’t wait to get started!

:whip: j/k
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