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Hi All - thought I'd post a Bella update. She just turned 13 last week :)

So, it's been a bad year for the old lady. For those who don't remember, back in March 2017 she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and had a front leg amputated. Did chemo and she did super for over two years!

Then this past July she had really bad diarrhea, vomiting and not eating. I knew it wouldn't be anything good. I was right - she was diagnosed with lymphoma. Started chemo (CHOP protocol) and she got through one and a half treatments and ended up with serious bout of pancreatitis. She was so sick. We didn't think she'd pull through. Thankfully she did, so we started a milder form of chemo after it cleared up. Before her second treatment the pre-chemo blood panel found that she is now diabetic! :( :(


She lost a ton of weight very quickly. Her oncologist was suggesting that I think about putting her down. Nope. She is still happy and loves life. Ain't gonna happen yet. But we have to get her blood sugar regulated before beginning chemo again. The lymphoma is currently in remission.

Okay - I can do this.

Took a crash course in Diabetes with the internal med vet. Two weeks into giving her insulin and checking blood sugar, adjusting food type and intake she ends up also being diagnosed with EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency.)

OMG - my poor dog!! No wonder she isn't gaining weight back! I can't believe this is happening! I'd give anything to have just cancer to worry about.

Now she is on an enzyme to replace what her pancreas can't do anymore - absorb nutrients. It's been a struggle getting the diabetes and EPI balanced correctly. I feel like I'm going insane. I try to fix something and end up making it worse. The more the enzymes do their work, the higher her BG gets. And what I should be feeding for blood sugar control isn't the same as what's recommended to help the EPI...vice versa. o_O

As far as energy level and happiness she actually seems better, but the diarrhea and blood-sugar are not quite normal yet. I think we're getting there, though.
Thank God she's such a good-natured dog and has taken so much in stride from chemo to insulin injections. Wish I was so calm about it all!!

I've joined the Canine Diabetes and EPI Facebook groups for help and info, but I wanted to post here since a few of you are DF friends and we've known each other for years. Need DF shoulders to cry on. Thanks!

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