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Belcando dog food.

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Anyone heard of this brand or tried it?
We bought another bag of Acana today (stocking up) and the lady at the store gave us a small bag of Belcando humid dog food (human grade ingredients).
The ingredients seem very tasty (Chicken,rice,carrotts & courgettes) and aftere opening it to try it,I was happy to see that you can actually see whats in it and it smells DELICIOUS!

I was thinking of mixing a really small amount with their kibble once a day just to give them a little variety.
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I have never heard of it, and now I know why it's made in Germany, so it's not likely sold here in the US. Looked at their website but could not find out where outside of Germany this is sold, other than Spain obviously.

But their philosophy and where they get their ingredients and what they use seems good, although not sure why they are using grape seed flour.
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