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Behavioral problems of dogs: ruling out the physical

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I am thoroughly and utterly amazed at my pup since her UTI has cleared up! Not only is she not now peeing at inopportune times/places, but her behavior over all has improved greatly!:D

I say all of this for this reason: I am now FOREVER an advocate of ruling out physical reasons first for ANY behavioral problems. I just shudder to think of how many perfectly fine dogs out there are labeled "problem dogs" when it isn't their fault at all. All of this is based on mine, but dogs act out when they're sick or in pain! We do too, so why shouldn't they???

So, for all of those having behavioral issues with your dog, please please please take them for a vet check to rule out physical issues first. They may not need to see a behaviorist... just a bottle of antibiotics!
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Oh, I'm so glad it helped so much!

It did for my boy, too. When I saw Cupid at the Humane Society, he was reserved and seemed low-energy. I figured that might be because he was in a shelter, but I wasn't sure.

When I took him for his vet check the next week, you can imagine how surprised I was to learn that he had bladder stones. Once they were removed, Cupid turned into an energetic boy. Still a bit reserved, I suspect because of whatever happened in his life before me.

So I'm with you. I often recommend going to the vet. At the very least, he/she can rule out a physical problem and you can go from there.
Yes she's doing great now! Again, I REALLY appreciate the great advice.

I will forever advocate ruling out the physical first.
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