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I have never had to pick a new pup from a littler as all the old dogs were given to me, so I have been research How to pick a pup ?

Like most people new to this have become alittle overwhelm by all the infomation out there

so I am starting this fact or fiction to clarify what works and what dose when buying a pup

ok so lets say you have done all your research and you have found a great breeder, you are now going to look at the pups, most great breeders may have a pup picked for you basied on your answers to there questions

but if they dont you have to pick a pup

the frist thing I read was to Puppy Temperament Test http://www.ehow.com/how_4857783_test-puppys-temperament.html

2nd was Puppy Aptitude test and i was unsure what the difrance was or if both really worked http://www.workingdogs.com/testing_volhard.htm

3rd I heard to throw keys or somthing lound to see what pup gose to look at them and what one shys away

4th observe the litter without disturbing them. Look out for things like how the pups interact with each other. An active, playful pup is very desirable, but not one that is dominant or overbearing with his/her litter-mates

Bring the pup home frist night

hot water bottles ticking clock to sound like mum heart beat and a toy or blanket that smells like mum and litter mates dose this really help pup sleep ?

pup dont pee where they sleep ?

you should not let the pup drink or eat 1 hr before bed time?

the pup should go to bed 1 hr before you?

you should not go into the pup if it crying as it will cry to get you to go see it ?

please feel free to add any facts or fiction owners should know before bring a pup home

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Not facts, just my opinions:
1. If you have a great breeder, he will try to match you to the pup, and he will do initially socialization as well as a few behaviors, like Sit.
2. If you don't have a great breeder, A simple way to pick a puppy is to say hello to the litter and the select the 3 - 4 puppies that come to you 'smiling' and wagging. Then, take each one separately interact with it, pick it up, hold it. One or two have always stood out for me.
3. A hot water bottle, a clock, and a smelly blanket may help. But the pup may cry for 3 nights or so, anyway. At night, Be prepared to take the pup to potty every few hours, but don't interact otherwise. This is when an experienced breeder is worth the extra cost, b/c the puppy may already be prepared to sleep alone, as well as be partially house trained. Extra sleep is worth $500 + the price.
4. Puppies don't like to pee in their bed, but they will if you don't give them potty breaks.
5. I dunno about the 1 hour bed before you or the no water rule.
6. All dogs need to be socialized with people, they need 3 sets of shots, socialization with dogs and other animals, & Bite Inhibition.
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