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well, Bear is doing great!!

No more problems with him and the kittens at all. All three have adjusted to eachother and most days you will find the kittens on his dog bed with him or on the couch with him.

No more whining at night, solved that problem too. I moved his bed into our room which was why he was whining he wanted in our room. SO he sleeps on his bed next to my side of the bed.

Poor boy still refuses to eat any dog food. So my boyfriend took some of my corn beef hash and mixed it with the dog food...he ate all his food! SO im going to have to probably just mix something that smells good to him in his food to get him to eat it.

HE had an accident this morning. I was fast enough to get him out he was letting me know he had to go out but I couldnt right at the moment. I have two children in diapers and was trying to change diapers at the exact moment he decided he had to go! It was my fault so he didnt get punished for it, even though he went and hid in the kitchen.

At the moment he is laying on his bed watching my kids play.
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