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Well i found a dog food he will eat. ITS not the best but if he is eating it that is all that matters. Its Ol'Roy. My vet said at this moment him eating is more important than the price/quality of the food. He is really under weight so him eating that made my day. I also got some canned food for him. Some raw for him as well. He has been dewormed.

Last night was the first night he wanted to play with me. I spent an hour playing fetch in the house with him and then playing tug o'war with him.

I bought him a tie out so he can get fresh air and go out side when i am taking care of the kids. Half the time when i go check on him he is rolling in the grass or stretched out relaxing.

HE is so much better with the kittens. The only thing i have to do is put them in the bathroom when i go to feed him. As they try to eat with him and he DOES growl at them BUT I can take his dish from him while he is eating and he does NOT growl at me.

I was looking at his paperwork he came with he was adopted from niagara county SPCA when he was 3 months old. And neutered at that age as well. He is micro chipped. I just cant believe how much his adoption fee was--$$250$$:eek::eek::eek:

ON to his training:
Well when i go to put his leash on he must sit first before i attach the leash to his collar. And wait for me to open the door to go out. The same for when he comes in the house sit first then i unhook the leash.

I also make him sit before i put his food dish down.

Any other suggestions?

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Have you tried Purina Dog Chow? Honestly I think Purina puts something addictive in their foods, LOL. And it's better than Ol' Roy.
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