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My wife and I "own", I hate saying own it makes it sound like a product we bought rather than a member of our family, a beagle that will be 1 year old in September :) and a Great Dane that is 1 and a half. We are a young couple 19 and 20 years old, got married November 15th, settled on our house November 25 and drove to pick-up Chloe (Beagle) two days after, about 6 months later once we were settled in our house we rescued Caesar (Great Dane). Enough about me, lets get to the pups. Chloe a tiny beagle with a lot of energy and puppy left in her, Caesar a ginormous great dane that is calm, loving, doesn't know how big he is and still has some puppy left in him. We did basic commands with Chloe while she was young, so she has them down pat, Caesar was trained basics with his previous owner. Beagle's are statistically one of the most difficult dogs to train because of there noses, we struggled with her with chewing, play biting, and some housetraining. Caesar does pretty well but is very attached to my wife and goes nuts when she gets home and has some separation anxiety problems. We wanted them both trained the same way, but how do you train two totally different dogs the same way? I tried just about everything I came across on the good old internet, with little success. Now I'm not here to promote any products, but when I come across a good product I like, I believe in telling people about it, because everything you hear in this world today is mostly bad. Anyways, I came across The Kingdom of Pets - Secrets to Dog Training, we had ran out of options so we gave it a shot. By far the best program I have tried, both Chloe and Caesar follow the same commands now and we have almost completely eliminated the bad habits and turned them into good habits. I like the product so much I wrote a review on it on squidoo.com. So if anyone is struggling with there dogs/puppys I highly recommend this program regardless of breed, age, or size it works. Sorry for the lengthy post, if you have any questions feel free to PM me, also I will include a link to my review (if you would like to read it) and a link to there website (if you want to read all about it...or should I say "Breed All About It").

Review: Squidoo Review
Website: Kingdom of Pets - Dog Training Secrets

-Jarrett Sexton
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