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When he goes potty outside make it worth his while using some food that is super good. A tiny bit of cooked roast beef or a bit of hot dog.. something really rewarding.

Try not to lean over him (dogs find this threatening) (and yes.. Chihuahua so tiny and hard NOT to lean over).

Yes to the Crate. The carrier for now will work too.

Funny thing about dogs and training. Once they really KNOW a task, they don't easily UN-Know it. They may not respond if you don't ask correctly, but rarely do they totally "forget" their training. As for Recall.. when you take your dog out put him on a light long line and have GREAT food with you. Call him and whether he comes freely or you have to remind him with the long line, feed him when he gets to you and have a party. This makes recall a good thing and builds a bond with the dog.

Good luck.
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