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I'm going to hazard a guess that he may have been scolded in his previous home for having accidents in then house, and now you're dealing with the fallout. When dogs are scolded for going in the house, they start to think that going IN FRONT OF their owner is what is bad, not going in the house. So, the sneaking off where you can't see or going at night while you're in bed is what happens.

This also sounds like a very submissive dog who was probably harshly scolded or even abused for doing the wrong thing. I would be very, very gentle with him, no corrections, not even verbal. If he's rolling over on his back and peeing he obviously cannot enjoy training that way. I also would not pick him up, because clearly he THINKS you are going to hurt him, even if you really aren't. You have to take a step back and see this from the dog's perspective. You are big and scary and judging from his behavior, he has no real reason to trust humans when they ask him to do something.

First thing I would do, get some tasty treats, like hot dogs or tiny bits of cheese, and use those every time you want him to do something. When he potties in the correct spot, treat him and praise. When he comes to you, treat him. Sitting for attention? Treat him. ANYTHING good he does, treat him. This builds trust with you, and this makes you the Giver of All Good Things. He will learn that doing what you want is rewarding, and he will get what he wants doing what you want.

If he does something wrong...ignore it. If he gets into the trash, clean it up, and get a trash can that locks. Chewing on stuff? Pick it up and put it away or block it off. If you get angry, you need to walk away and calm down. If he is not doing what you've asked, he probably does not understand that command as well as you think he does, or he's scared.

As for the potty problems, start from square one. Supervise 100% of the time, and when you can't he is crated. When he goes in the correct spot, treat and praise. If he has an accident, ignore him and clean it up with an enzymatic cleaner like nature's miracle. If you catch him in the act, say something like "oops!" to interrupt (but not mean or threatening) and lure him outside with treats. I would usually say pick him up and rush him outside or use a slip lead, but clearly this scares the dog, so use treats. He's an adult, so I would think he can stop, move, and go again in another spot.

I know you also said somewhere that he doesn't seem that interested in treats, and I would hazard another guess that he's still rather frightened and uncertain. Give him time. You can also see if perhaps he likes toys more than treats and use those as his reward. Remember that even though YOU don't feel you are being threatening, THE DOG might feel otherwise. Something as simple as the set of your shoulders a dropped octave in your voice can be scary. I know it's really hard, I have a sensitive dog myself, but you do have to be careful or risk damaging your relationship or ruining training.
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