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Basic Command Training for Chow Chow Pup

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Hi this is my first post on this site. I just got a 15 week chow chow pup I named Blair. She’s a very sweet, friendly and calm puppy. But I’m having a hard time training her for basic command (stay, sit, come, etc) I tried using a clicker and treats but after speaking to the breeder, she said chows are not known to be driven by treats. At this point I don’t know what to do, I looked into getting training classes for her to attend but unfortunately I can’t really afford it at this time, maybe a couple months. But I really want to start while she’s a pup, since it’s only gonna get harder as she gets older.
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While Chows might not be driven for treats, you certainly can increase her willingness to work for them. Playing a couple of easy games can help. One is "chase the treat", aka "treat bowling". What you will need is a handful of small, tasty treats that can be easily seen against the floor you are playing on, and a hungry puppy. Take one treat from the pile. show it to her, and toss it a few inches away from her nose, so that she has to move to get it. Repeat several times a day, throwing the treats further away as she starts catching on to the idea. The other game is "race you to the treat!". You will again need a handful of tasty treats and a hungry puppy, but can also add a small bowl if you'd like. For this game, you hold the puppy by her collar, place a treat on the floor or in a bowl, move away from the treat, and then let her go and race her to the treat. Both games add movement, which is exciting, and the element of competition in the race game is also exciting. Since the games are exciting, food will become more exciting.

There are a couple of good online self study classes that I know of. One is called Baby Genius, and is geared specifically for younger puppies. Fenzi Dog Sports Academy - FE115: Baby Genius The other one is called Relationship Building Though Play, that teaches you how to play with your dog using toys, food, and just you, and how to incorporate play as training rewards. Fenzi Dog Sports Academy - FE101: Relationship Building Through Play

For an online class that will be running Live, with active forums, there is Crucial Concepts of Competition: Shaping/Luring/Capturing and More! Fenzi Dog Sports Academy - FE155: Crucial Concepts of Competition - Shaping/Luring/Capturing and More! Don't let the "competition" part of the title scare you. It's a good foundation for any kind of training. :)

The self study classes at the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy start at $50 US, and the regular session classes start at $65 US for auditing, and go through $260 US, depending on the Level you take. There is also a scholarship fund that will pay half of the $65 auditing level tuition if the $65 is still a bit much. There is also a very active Facebook community for FDSA students.

Oh, and there is also a free ebook that you can download about surviving your puppy's first year. https://www.fenzidogsportsacademy.com/images/fdsa/Growing-Up-FDSA-eBook.pdf
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