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I just got a new foster dog about a week ago, he is a year and a half old Finnish Spitz. After having him for a week I can see he mostly just needs structure in his life and he will be an even better dog than he already is. His previous foster doesn't do structure and lets her dogs run amok and do whatever, which is why I now have him.

Here is the problem I am not sure how to correct or even work with him. When he is at Meet and Greet events he goes crazy barking at every dog that comes by. I realize barking is a breed trait but if we ever want to get him adopted we have to curtail the maniacal barking at events. His barking at my house is acceptable, he is an alert barker but clams downs and quits pretty quickly. This behavior happens when crated at events and to a lesser degree when I crate him at home. I am looking for suggestions of how work with him.

I have thought about walking my dogs past him while he is crated and giving him treats when he behaves or at least quits barking in a timely manner. My concern is he lives with my dogs and is somewhat used to them. Other than that I am at a loss what to do. Any suggestion would be a great help and appreciated.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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