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Barking when guest come

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Our little shih tzu is 15months old and for the last few months he barks really loudly at guests when they come over. He knows the quiet command. I tell him quiet. He stays quiet for a few seconds then begins to bark again. He will bark on and off until the guests leave. His bark sounds like a stranger invading our home. I allow him to sniff the guests first but I would like him to be calm when guests come over. Any tips.
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Shih tzu's are a voiceturious breed so he is normal for his breed... Nothing wrong with him. Young inexperienced working on learning applying individual skills in real life situation.

I put my dogs up my guest and service people are there for me.. fenced in area on the property for my service people and in the house a baby gated area. I don't let them meet my guest or go to the door (it' not their job) they can watch me handle it... Main thing i I put them out of the way. I have put them back into the house if I am talking out side which out of sight out of stimulation of seeing to bark.. That seemed to teach them over time about stop barking on their own. so when I did have company inside the house it transfered over being put into a baby gate area for barking a bit being ignored and then being quiet watching .. takes time... but guest service people are for me...
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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