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Barking scared at night

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our almost 9 week old westie luci is doing fantastic with her house training except at night.
When I'm here during the day I will leave the door open she pops out and does her business when needed and comes back in, if I have the door closed she goes to the door and circles for awhile so I let her out. We have a big closed in garden and she loves her little runs and adventures out there during the day.
But she seems scared of our garden at night. Our neighbours have a few dogs next door that are kenneled outside, they can be very noisy which doesn't bother Luci during the day but at night if she hears any of the dogs moving or any noise really she starts barking which sets the the neighbours off and she won't do anything but go back inside and grumble bark a bit before getting into her bed.
She was about to go last night when she heard something and started her off, I didn't want to force her outside because I know it's because she is frightened but I got up this morning to a nice mess off papers! She pees on the papers but doesn't poop.
After all that I guess what I'm asking is should I make her stay out when she isn't comfortable, I also don't know how much I should try to console her in case she thinks I want her to bark. She is so smart, she has gotten come and sit down already but still is a little confused about her name.
Thanks for any advice.
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Let her out at night....she will get used to it. Stand near her but, don't console her. Your strong, confident presence is all that she needs to know that everything is OK. Avoid direct eye contact...that can be threatening in the early stages.
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