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Barking for attention

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Our Vizsla is 9 weeks, we picked her up yesterday. Any time I’m not paying attention to her (doing dishes, cooking), she whines, paces and barks at me. Do I ignore this behaviour or do I pick her up? I don’t want to encourage it but it is only her first full day home so I’m sure she is feeling overwhelmed.
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Ignore it, as long as you know her needs are taken care of, such as potty business. It's called demand barking, which basically means she is barking at you for attention/food/whatever. Once they learn that barking gets them nothing, it generally subsides.
Seconded. You have to ignore it. :( - Can be tough. When he's NOT barking, though, try to give attention then when you can. Good dog = good rewards.
Cane Corso, they have a lot of talky talky and opinions lol.. ignore for the most part the demanding pushing ones just being diva.. But don't miss out on bonding interactions moments. I adore how interactive Adele is , she is participating, engaging with you. Time and practice you learn the difference of just being a diva that they not want to be in their crate and the I really have to go potty off schedule emergency. Stay open minded maturity goes a long way in how they use it.. To me talking is valuable to appreciate it.
I have the same issue... so, ignoring him is the best option? I feel so guilty about it..
I am thinking to get stop dog barking collar, I heard they provide a great help. Did anyone ever use it?
I would absolutely not use a bark collar on a baby puppy. That has a huge risk of creating bad feelings towards whatever is causing her to bark, which can cause you big problems down the road.

I would also ignore the whining/barking, to a point. She is a tiny baby puppy; it is okay to talk to her, tell her she's fine. I would also keep a bowl/jar of cookies or kibble near her crate/pen, and drop one in her crate/pen when she is quiet, even if it is for 5 seconds.

To give yourself a break, chews and stuffed food toys like Kongs can be a real help to preserve your sanity.
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