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Hello! I adopted a mutt from the shelter a week ago. She has an amazing temperament and is overall a very good dog, but hasn't been trained at all. She's super smart and receptive to training, so I hope I'm on the right track to train her not to bark. I live in an apartment, and she barks at noises out in the hallway or out the window (she can't see out, only hear). Unfortunately there's also a dog in the apartment across from me that barks non-stop when left alone.

When she starts barking (or sometimes pre-emptively when I hear a noise) I call her over and when she sits and looks at me I give treats and say "quiet" and praise in a gentle voice when she's not barking. Sometime I use this time to do some training on sit/down/in your bed while the noise is going on. She learned really quickly to run to me when she starts barking and I call her, or even on her own without me calling her, after she barks once or twice. Sometimes I just give her lots of treats as the noise is going on.

I'm worried about accidentally teaching her that I'm rewarding her for barking and alerting me. I don't want her to learn that she will get treats for barking. Should I worry about this? How do you make that distinction? Do you think I'm on the right track if she already knows to come to me and sit when she hears noises? I'm just worried because she still barks before coming to me. Can I be doing anything different to eventually teach her to relax and not bark at noises at all?

I should add, I'm working from home all day now, so I can be there to teach her consistently. I leave her in the bedroom when I leave her alone, to cut down on the noises she hears. Also she doesn't bark at night in the bedroom with me (thankfully).

Thanks for any advice!
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