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Barking at everything

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I have a 3yr old spayed AKC French Bulldog. She is the most high strung dog I've ever seen. When I come across other Frenchie owners they say their dog isn't as crazy as this animal.

Basically, she barks at everything. In our fenced in backyard she runs back and forth and barks at any neighbor she can see, any neighbor dog, and any vehicle that looks like a mail delivery truck. When she's inside, any little noise that could POSSIBLY be somebody outside (it's really the wind), she goes nuts and must be out outside.

Any thoughts on how to deal with this animal?

Thank you!

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Any thoughts on how to deal with this animal?
Yep, animal. That what dogs are.

What training methods / techniques have you tried so far ?

Also, management can play a major role in prevention.
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