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Barking and avoiding

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So my girlfriend and I adopted a 6 month old shiba/shepherd mix. She is a wonderful dog: house broken, non-destructive and sometimes attentive. However, when my girlfriend leaves the house or is out of sight it seems like a switch is flipped.

There are two situations. When my girlfriend is in the house but out of sight, my dog will lightly growl and sometimes bark at me (never any physical agression.) This is sometimes directed towards me but she is quick to break eye contact is I assert myself. The second situation, when my girlfriend leaves completely, is that our dog will ignore/avoid me all together. The only exception is when I manage to get the leash on her and she becomes very calm, affectionate and attentive again.

I have tried a number of solutions. I treat here IF she comes to me. I try to get her to do sit and shakes exercises (which she does effortlessly for me when my girlfriend is home.) All of this is coupled with praise and treating of course. But still, she is very standoffish. Can anyone help me?!
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Try taking her for long walks, just you and her. Most dogs bond when "hunting" so taking her for long walks would hopefully help. Otherwise, just ignore her for the most part, when you walk past her, just drop yummy treats to the ground in front of her, without looking at her or making any motion towards. If she comes to you, give her a treat but ignore her otherwise.
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