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Balou and Koda

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Koda is getting bigger! He's at four months now. We were told that he's a Bordigan, more specifically a collie/cardigan corgi. His legs are long for the mix though, he probably won't grow much larger. Then there's Balou. At almost three years he's finally beginning to slow his growth. He's thickening out now. We had him weighed and he's 145 pounds right about now. He is a short haired Saint with a tiny amount of setter.

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Which one is supposed to be a Collie x Corgi? The one on the left looks like some kind of hound cross, certainly cannot see Corgi or Collie.
The mostly black and white one, (Koda) is supposed to be Corgi/Collie. One parent was on site, we rescued him as a puppy. The mother was definitely Cardigan Corgi, the father was not present. We were told the father is a mix of collie/corgi but who knows... He's also still growing so, again shrug.
Very cute! If your puppy is only 4 months, then he?s going to double in size before he?s done growing. The general rule of thumb is to double what they are @4 months and that?s the approximate full size.
At this point, it's really a guess as to how big Koda is going to be because of the Corgi mix. Corgi are dwarf dogs. He might get bigger or he might stay at about this size, who knows... We're not too concerned with it anyhow. I think he's more than Corgi/Collie but meh it's not that big of a deal. I'd laugh if he starts suddenly shooting upwards. His ears are opening and it's adorable. They always seem to flop back down or halfway and then back up.
....And I was off heh. I went back to check because four months didn't seem right. He's six months old.
Very cute puppers!
He?s definitely going to grow more. The 4 month weight doubled seems to be fairly accurate in all the dogs I?ve met.
I?ve worked in the pet industry since 2004, so I see many dogs from puppy thru adulthood. It?s fun to see the growth and changes.
Very cool dogs :). I had a Saint/lab mix who passed when I was a teen. She was an awesome patient dog.
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