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Balanced Diet

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My 4 month old puppy is a fussy eater... At first, she ate small amounts of her Blue Buffalo puppy kibble and wet food. Then, I started mixing it with boiled chicken breast or extra lean turkey... Now, she refuses to eat the kibble/wet food and will only eat the chicken or turkey. I've tried giving her carrots with her meals, but she leaves them in her bowl and picks out the meat.

Are there other foods I can include to give her a balanced diet?

Thank you!
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Her Blue Buffalo, by itself, IS a balanced diet. If you keep adding extra things to it over a prolonged period of time, you inadvertently end up unbalancing it.

Leave her Blue Buffalo - NO wet food, no chicken, no carrots, etc - down on the floor for 15 minutes. If she doesn't eat it, take it back up. Put it down again three hours later for 15 minutes; no treats in between meals. If she doesn't eat it, take it back up. She knows that food is available to her, but she's learned that if she holds out, you'll give her something yummier. A healthy dog will not starve itself.
Rosemaryninja is correct.

What is her normal eating pattern? My ten year old collie has never been one to eat all of her food in one sitting. I tried when she was a puppy to get her to eat at certain times, but she would starve herself every time I would pick her food up if she didn't eat it right away. I realize that some dogs will eat themselves overweight, but this has never been her problem... she much prefers to eat small amounts all during the day. Maybe just giving her the appropriate amount (making sure not to overfeed) and leaving it down for her to pick at when she's hungry will do the trick. As long as your not feeding her in between!

Blue Buffalo is a decent, balanced food. She will eat it when she's hungry, as long as she's healthy. She won't starve herself if food is available.

Hope it helps... Good luck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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