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Bad Dog!

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Came home from work there yesterday to this.

Not at all impressed. Incase you can't tell, That is a feathered pillow that he destroyed. It Fell next to his kennel and he decided to drag it into his kennel and kill it.

Think i may need to find more ways to keep him entertained in his kennel. As much as i hate it, I HAVE to work and leave him in there. I don't trust him out of his kennel yet, Nor do i trust a dog walker to come into my home and get him.

BTW, Im still picking feathers out
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lol, it looks like he had a blast. One time, there was a duvet cover near our pup's ex-pen, waiting to be washed, and we left the house for a quick grocery trip. Well, she managed to pull half of it into her ex-pen, and peed all over it. She also scrunched her pen to half its size, and flip her crate, lol. Have you tried kongs and other food filled toys? You can freeze them as well so the dog works a little longer to get the goodies out.
There was actually a kong mixed in that mess. He had all the frozen peanut butter licked out but the treats were still in. I've also tried marrow bones but he doesn't really eat or chew anything other then things he should not in his kennel. Kongs are only something he's recently started to eat in there. Wont eat food in there at all, but he doesn't really eat much in general.


Are there any "doggie daycares" where you live?
There is, I actually work at a dog kennel who has it. But i still have to pay to bring my own guy to work with me, Which i do at time. But my bill keeps on going up since i don't have to pay each time he's there, in the end, I just have a huge bill to pay. Still needs to pay off what i owe now before i start taking him again.

Well, at least he had a good time! My Shambles recently destroyed his beautiful crate mattress we got him in a whole TEN minutes he was in the crate while I ran to the gas station to get a coffee. He is why we can't have nice things.

Only suggestions I have is to not have a choker on him while he's in his crate, and maybe a kong? My dogs aren't fans of kongs, so generally I get Shammy something chewy to have while I'm out.
Normally hes "Naked" When kenneled. I just so happened wasn't the one who kenneled him. Had a family member do it as i was gone at 7:15 am while she wasn't leaving till 10.

He;s destroyed two beds so far so i've given up on the idea of him ever having a bed in the kennel. Right now i just have a thick fleece blanket in with him and thus far he hasn't killed it.

He knew how pissed i was. The entire time i was cleaning up the mess he just stayed lid down where i told him too. And when it came time to have to vacuum some of the feathers off him he just stayed put and didn't freak over it like i thought he would. We had to walk up to meet a friend as we were going to do some obedience training and lets just say, i was still pissed so he simply walked next to me at heel with no leash the entire walk. I look back at it now and just laugh and am lucky i wasn't too pissed to not take a photo.

You got to admit, He looks so GUILTY in this picture
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