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Bad Dog!

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Came home from work there yesterday to this.

Not at all impressed. Incase you can't tell, That is a feathered pillow that he destroyed. It Fell next to his kennel and he decided to drag it into his kennel and kill it.

Think i may need to find more ways to keep him entertained in his kennel. As much as i hate it, I HAVE to work and leave him in there. I don't trust him out of his kennel yet, Nor do i trust a dog walker to come into my home and get him.

BTW, Im still picking feathers out
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Yikes! Been there! Lol! Yup ... not trustworthy in the house yet! :)
At least you kinda found out that she wasn't trustworthy in the house before you thought of trying it LMBO.

I would suggest covering the crate but I bet she'd eat that too :/. Maybe she would like an antler chew or something like that
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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