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Bad Cough and Hard Breathing

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Hi I found this forum while looking for help for my dog. She’s a mixed chiwawa. I have no idea what she mixed with. She is going to be 15 in September and around the middle of June of this year she had a seizure, which only lasted about 10 to 20 secs.

It’s been about 2 weeks since then and she has had around 15 or a little more through those weeks but they have stopped but since they have stopped, she has a cough now that is slowly getting worse. It kind of sounds like she got something stuck in her throat. Like a hair ball, she trying to spit out but she coughs for about a min and then swallows whatever it seems she tries to bring up.

I can’t really afford any kind of vet at this time. So I’m not sure if this will pass like the seizures did or maybe as much as I don’t want to put her to sleep. Today was her first time not eating but I can see why since today was the worse of the coughing.

To add about her life style. She does not go outside she is a inside dog she’s been outside maybe 4 times in her life because of the times I have moved to different places other than that she a inside dog who does her business inside as well.

If theirs even such thing as a free vet or at lease something for poor owners please send me some info. I live in New York City and I've try Google but no luck so far.

Thx for any replies
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I tend to believe something is seriously wrong with your pup. If she has gave you 15 wonderful years of undying love for you. The least you can do is have some pennies saved up to get her help in her golden years...

Care credit is a card you can get with a line of credit for things like this. I am not familiar with it but i have heard it is a wonderful thing when you are in a jam. If all else fails get on the phone and beg for some help through vets in your area..maybe one of them will give you a line of credit.. Good luck and let us know how she is doing..
Instead of googling, go to your phone book or online phone book and start calling rescues in your area. Maybe they know of someone or an organization that can help you.
Care Credit is agreat idea too and you should look into it.

Your dog needs to be seen, she is aged and obviously sick. You need to get her care in whatever way you can. It is unfair to your dog, she depends on you.

If I have to treat my animals and it costs me money, I give up something else, and believe me there isn't much else to give up. But they are MY responsibility and they are living beings....if they suffer because of me, I couldn't live with it.
I'm sorry, but this forum isn't for figuring out what's wrong with your dog, the vet really is the only person that can help you figure this out. Please get her seen ASAP.
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