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We rescued a 3 year old retriever several months ago.

Now that she is getting more comfortable in our home, we have two major issues we are trying to deal with.

She is getting xtremely protective with our kids and my wife. If I am around or walking her, she is not threatened by other dogs or people, but if I am not around, she is aggresive, seemingly protective, of the rest of the family. For example, my wife took her for a walk this am and crossed paths with another retriever. Our dog went ballistic. It's very un-nerving.

Issue 2 is cat chasing. We have a cat that the dog is constantly looking for and whe she does spot her, she gives chase and will not listen to commands.

I understand the concept of rewarding her with treats for good behavior, however, as we are not around her 24/7, it is inconsistent.

We had a zap collar for her, and when she is going after the cat, it doesn't seem to register with her, even on the higher settings.

So I am looking for suggestions on how to correct these behaviors.

Thanks to all.
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