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"Bad bag" of dog food?

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When a dog has GI issues one common suggestion is "maybe you got a bad bag of dog food". Although I don't doubt that this can be the case, I'm curious to hear if anyone that has experienced dog GI issues has ever confirmed that a bad bag of food was the cause of the diarrhea. And I don't mean a bad brand or a formula that doesn't suit the dog. I'm referring to situations when the dog was fine on a food generally but the current bag was spoiled, rotten, made the dog sick, etc.

Thanks for your input!
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I also have not ever heard of this being a reason for digestive problems. I have never gotten a bad bag myself. 9 times out of 10, stress is what will do it for my dog too. Location change is guaranteed soft stool. I have noticed when I am too obvious about my own stress she will have stool issues too. The other once and a while reason is a visiting family member dropping some kind of food on the floor.
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