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"Bad bag" of dog food?

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When a dog has GI issues one common suggestion is "maybe you got a bad bag of dog food". Although I don't doubt that this can be the case, I'm curious to hear if anyone that has experienced dog GI issues has ever confirmed that a bad bag of food was the cause of the diarrhea. And I don't mean a bad brand or a formula that doesn't suit the dog. I'm referring to situations when the dog was fine on a food generally but the current bag was spoiled, rotten, made the dog sick, etc.

Thanks for your input!
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I have never had it happen, no, at least not from something I just purchased. The only place I've heard of that even happening is on Dog Forums, actually. I do think its possible for food to become contaminated, say, from a dirty dog food bowl that hasn't been cleaned in a long time, which may make it seem like the food is causing the problem.
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