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Poor little Sadie had an allergic reaction to who knows what yesterday. It started with three large hives on her nose yesterday evening that we figured would go away as it seemed it didnt bother her. We went to our plans last night and came home to her whole muzzle being swollen with three or four hives on her back. We went out to try to find benadryl but there are no 24-hour anythings in this darn town and all the convenience stores had none (shocker).

We woke up this morning to more hives on her back and an extremely swollen vulva. Off to the vet we went! They diagnosed her with an allergic reaction and gave her a shot of epinepherine, sent me home with some pain meds and an antihistamine/corticosteroid combination, as well as the cone of shame.

Poor baby girl is really hating her lady bits being so painful, shes been leaking a bit because it hurts to pee.

Anyway, I was curious if anyone had a similar experience and when it calmed down?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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